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Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Experience 5-star luxury at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. Ideally situated in the “heart of the city”, Hong Kong Island’s Wanchai district, the Grand Hyatt hotel offers stunning views of the famous Victoria Harbour and is only 5 minutes by car from Central and Causeway Bay. Special group rates have been negotiated for Conference delegates at the Grand Hyatt. The special group rates are not guaranteed for reservations received after 31 August 2017.
About Hong Kong
Situated on the southeast coast of China, Hong Kong’s strategic location on the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea has made it one of the world’s most thriving and cosmopolitan cities. From its earliest days as a British colony, Hong Kong has served as a centre of international trade. In the turbulent years of the mid to late 20th century, the city’s population was bolstered by refugees, mostly from elsewhere in China. The arrival of immigrants in large numbers helped launch a new role for Hong Kong as a major manufacturing hub. It also brought economically stimulating energy and industry to the city’s character. In recent decades, as the economy of Mainland China has undergone a process of opening up, Hong Kong has transformed yet again – this time into a service-based economy as well as an important gateway to the world’s largest market.